Published on 4-08-2015

Well, a lot was goin’ on in the beautiful year of 1998. It was the year that Bill Clinton was accused of gettin’  a bit down and dirty with Monica Lewinsky, NASA started with the construction of the ISS space station, Google incorporated launched, the search engine we all use because we’re all a bit too comatose to type ’.com’ and, of course, how could we forget the Winter Olympic Games in Nagano! 

But the best thing that happened in 1998 was that in a small factory in France a red devil was born. A Peugeot 106, to be exact. And as small as this lil’ monster was, it was already dreamin’ big about racin’ through Europe and Asia. And guess what... On Saskia’s actual birthday this little red monster became the leader of our pack and will be takin’ us from Holland through China, up to Mongolia and eventually Russia.