Published on 3-10-2015

So, today we built ourselves a bed fit for a king! It was one hell of a job, but it all worked out in the end. 

We first had to assemble some raw materials and built a frame in Boris where the boot and backseats previously had been. We then moulded the frame onto Boris so that we were certain it could not move and possibly kill us halfway across the globe while we were making an emergency stop. To make the best use of the space we had, we built on an extra bit of frame that actually can be sort of folded in and out to our liking, giving us 40 cm more sleeping lenght space. Great stuff and simply ace!

Besides this, we also concluded that we weren’t partial to voyeurism on our journey of a lifetime and have painted the back windows and rear window black. Thus keeping the curious folk of the east, and ofcourse the sun, out!

Phase One is completed, apart from scavenging a matras -- anyone got one lying around waiting for an adventure> Let us know --, and on to Phase Two!