Published on 9-07-2015

Allo me ol’ China! 

It was a dark and stormy Friday night and we’d already had a couple of Britney Spears durin’ a pubcrawl in the beautiful city of Nijmegen (The Netherlands). We just got to the second Jack Tar and had selected our fourth when both our lightbulbs went up. Saskia was reminiscing about her travels in good, old South-America and was tellin’ Tom a bit about her adventures when one particular Jackanory came to mind. She had travelled with a Brit who was doin’ The Mongol Rally. She stated: "I want me a bit of the old Mongol Rally, once in my lifetime! But I haven’t yet found a wanker stupid enough to join me". Tom gave a right old smile and said: "Course I’ll join you, love". 

So that’s what happened... an adventure awaited us! Let’s get plannin’...

Beers at the bar