Published on 4-03-2016

So... well. it has been a while since you last heard from us. And I must say, according to the struggle I had with Boris to get and keep him going today I think it also has been a while sinds we took Boris for a stroll.

But after some laps around a industrial area Boris was up and running and ready to roll! He will make it! Not exactly surprising, however, since he is the son of the devil. My first visit was to a garage, I knew they had some roof racks that would fit on Boris' roof. And so we just found ourselves a new sponsor.

After I finished my cup of coffee and Boris his cup of Oil we took of to our next stop, a car audio supplier called De Tunnel. Just for a brief stop to make an appointment to talk about a possible partnership. I can't reveal anything yet, but I can say that De Tunnel wil be helping us.. On the 17th of March I will tell you more!