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A visit to the gym

A visit to the gym - 1 person

During our travels, we will need to work out. Do you want us to keep our six pack? Donate this trip to the

€ 15,00



Just so we know how high above sealevel Boris can go! It will also help us coordinate our way to Mongolia the old-fashioned

€ 45,00
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armenian beer

Armenian beer

Drinking beer in Armenia

We would love to try this Armenian beer which is supposed to tasted like smoked toffee! Who could resist?

€ 5,00
Azerbaijan beer

Azerbaijan beer

Drinking beer in Azerbijan

This salty and bitter beer deserves to be tasted by us! You could make this happen!

€ 5,00



Because sometimes it is better to keep your distance and observe our surroundings before we encounter certain death. So if you want to

€ 29,99



Just to be clear, you wont get the car. Because we probably need it during the rally. But you can help us with

€ 550,00
Bulgarian beer

Bulgarian beer

Drinking beer in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian beer industry is extremely well developed. It boasts 15 local brands and approximately 30 variaties are sold on the market.. Which

€ 5,00

Car Battery

Spare Car Battery

We will be using more power than usual and will also want some spare in case we get stranded somewhere and need some

€ 55,00

Car insurance

1 month of car insuranse

Because the beauty of Boris could be able to cause some damage.

€ 24,95

Car jack

Inflateble car jack

Just in case we need to do some maintenance underneath Boris!

€ 64,99