Sponsor since 20-08-2015

As of March 22, 2013 Cafe van Ouds opened its doors in the center of Nijmegen. At Cafe van Ouds you can enjoy authentically. Cafe van Ouds is a pub as a pub should be. A café which finds the middle between a wide range of special beers, the most amazing wines and the feeling of a living room. But also a place where occasionally dancing feet are allowed . These include live music, receptions and graduation parties.

The combination of cosiness, an enthusiastic team and the beautiful location in the city centre make us believe that Cafe van Ouds is a concept in Nijmegen!

Cafe van Ouds is helping us by trowing us a party, they wil give us 50 liters of beer. The money this beer yield wil be sponsored to help us compleet our adventure alive and well.