Sponsor since 10-04-2016

The HAN Automotive Rally Team or HART is a Dutch rally team run by 20 students from the HAN University of Applied Sciences. These students decided that they wanted to keep a rally car running in the Dutch shortrally championship during their study. This team is run without any help from teachers whatswhoever, everything from sponsorships to driving the car is done by the members of the team themselves.

Because the majority of the HART team is studying Automotive and some of the members drive Peugeots 106's they thought they could be helpful to us. In order to help us reach the finish in Mongolia they are going to give us some technical support. They will help us find parts and fit them to the car. They are also going to check if everything on Boris is okay to start the rally with. By doing this together with the us we will get some understanding of the car as well. This way if anything breaks down during the rally we know how to tackle the problem and hopefully be able to fix it.