In 2013 Tom relocated the kingdom that he called his own home to the city center of Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The house he moved in was called "Hendrik Hoogers Huys", later renamed by Tom the "Hertog Jan Huys". And this house just so happend to be the home of Saskia since 2005 and all of a sudden she had a new neightbour.

Through their mutual fondness of beer, music and adventure they became good friends and are now preparing their first adventure together: the Mongol Rally of 2016!  #MR2016

But first, some background info on this dynamic duo..

Saskia is working as an Marketing Manager at Zetes. A company which specializes in identification of almost anything, but especially items in the supply chain. Besides this daytime job, she also organizes dance parties. She is a busy girl and a partygirl with never a dull moment. Apart from ’work’, she also likes to travel and has been in more countries than most people have been in their  lifetime. So she has that down-to-earth, anything-goes, think-outside-the-box-mentality that will pull this team to Ulan Ude.

Tom is a math teacher at a secondairy school in Gennep. Besides that job he has a little business in event support. Event organizations hire him to help with numerous activities. So he works a lot, and hates sitting at home not doing anything. With his quick problem solving skills and outstanding craftmanship he wil help this team get trough the troubles they will no doubt face during the rally and the preparations towards this race. He is building a bed in Boris as we speak!